HDB’s BTO Sales Exercise Marred With Website Glitches

Singaporeans planning to get a HDB flat on Tue 17 Nov encountered issues when sending their online documents, as a number of putting up their dissatisfactions at social media.

Several mentioned that they were incapable to clear the administrative cost to request a Housing Development Board level, at the same time the rest of them stay unsure whether their payment got through given that these applicants did not receive a verification, announced CNA.

Others received a “502 bad gateway” communication.

This problem occurs after HDB introduced beyond 57 hundred flats available for sale within the November 2020 Build-to-Order exercise. Housing Development Board even put on the market 5,220 flats throughout different neighborhood and also estates within the SBF exercise.

HDB expressed in which they recognizes the disruptions facing several end users and ascertained that they are working to resolve the issue.

” Our staff realize that a number of flat inquirers are encountering issues during handing in their BTO/ Sale of Balance Flat documents web-based, furthermore we express regret toward the disruption created,” Housing Development Board pointed out on a social media post and cited through Channel News Asia.

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” Inquirers with failed charge entries and/or did not obtain any kind of approval email are recommended to try once again soon.”

The Housing Board said indicating the sales workout will continue for a week, for this reason, purchasers are going to have up till 2359hrs on 23November2020 to hand in their requests.

“Fruitful inquirers are going to get detected through a computer system ballot, and definitely not on a first in queue basis,” further said HDB.

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