Chip Eng Seng Clinches $32.9mil Upgrading Contract From HDB

The deal associates with the design and produce of improvement projects for a number of districts in SG– which is, Serangoon Ave 1/ Central, Blocks 401 – 414; Serangoon Ave 1/ Central, Blocks 415 to 427; Lengkong Tiga, Blocks 101 to 116 plus Ubi Avenue 1, Blks 301, 302, 304 – 306.

During 29 December, CES announced that the agreement will be performed in 2 components, with the 1st portion including the layout’s endorsement including generating of brochures as well as ballot documents.

Midtown Modern floor plan

The 2nd component will call for the executing of progressing jobs inside the units of the previously mentioned blocks. Intended for this part, the completion time frame is eighteen months toward the Serangoon as well as Lengkong Tiga area, and 9 mths for the Ubi precinct.

“Task for the second component are going to begin at the time of drafted direction from HDB,” claimed Chip Eng Seng.

The company looks forward to the written agreement to efficiently benefit its gains per allotment as well as its net material properties for the coming FY as at 31Dec 21.

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